CD7 Crankbait


Product Details

Jenko Fishing CD7 Crankbait

The Jenko Fishing CD7 crankbait lets you target mid-depth cover and structure with precision. It runs 7' to 9' deep with a natural swimming action and a tight wobble that attracts predators. The long, curved bill takes this bait down fast so you can grind it over points, drop-offs, and humps, and it deflects off wood cover and rocks on contact. There's a range of popular color patterns to choose from, so you can match the look of your local forage. Add the CD7 crankbait from Jenko Fishing to your tackle box!

• A premium crankbait that excels in the 7' to 9' depth range
• Lets you dissect wood cover and precisely target fish-holding structure
• Needle-sharp trebles have impressive holding power
• Popular color patterns that mimic live prey

Product Specs

Diving Depth: 7'-9'
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