Big T Fry Baby


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Jenko Fishing Big T Fry Baby

Freshly hatched baby fish, or fry, are a favorite food source among hungry crappie and other panfish. To properly imitate one, you have to go small, and the shape needs to be just right. Jenko Fishing has nailed it with their Big T Fry Baby. A specialized, super-soft plastic provides incredible action, but it's durable too. The Big T Fry Baby is treated with a fish-attracting scent that combines garlic and baitfish odors. Thread one of these baits onto a small jig head, let it fall into the strike zone, and start hopping it. In no time you'll feel that familiar 'tick' on the line and be battling a feisty slab back to the boat. On your next trip, show the crappie what they want to eat most—a defenseless baby minnow. Show them the Big T Fry Baby from Jenko.

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