Offspring Buzzbait


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Jenko Fishing Offspring Buzzbait

The Offspring buzzbait from Jenko Fishing eliminates blade flutter, that annoying spin that your blade does on its way to the target spot. Casting a buzzbait around laydowns requires accuracy, and casting next to a grass line requires distance. Both accuracy and distance are negatively impacted by blade flutter. The Offspring buzzbait features a spring that stands up next to the blade and stops it from spinning until you begin your retrieve. This buzzbait was designed to get on the surface fast and stay there, even at slow cranking speeds. Plus, the spring adds a unique vibration and sound that seems to infuriate huge bass. The Offspring buzzbait has a high-quality skirt, a durable wire frame, and a super-sharp, premium hook. Pick one up today, and take your buzzbait game to the next level!

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