Slasher Spin Jig


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Jenko Fishing Slasher Spin Jig

When you're jigging up crappie, sometimes a little extra flash is needed to get their attention. Slasher Spin Jig Heads from Jenko Fishing come with a tiny, shiny blade attached. These high-quality jig heads are incredibly attractive to crappie and other panfish, thanks in part to that silver willow leaf blade. But some credit goes to this jig's unique pill-shaped body that causes an enticing, wobbly fall. Durable, bright paint and lifelike 3D eyes add to the good looks, while this jig's custom wire keeper holds your soft plastic trailer in place. You may notice the odd hook shape—that's a wire sickle hook, and those bends are specifically designed to work with this jig head. The hook is positioned perfectly so the bait can come through brush piles and other cover, and it allows for solid hook ups every time. The next time you head out for a day of crappie fishing, bring a pack of Jenko's Slasher Spin Jig Heads.