Poppin' Rattlin' Google Eye Lily Stalker

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About This

Kalin's Poppin' Rattlin' Google Eye Lily Stalker

Kalin's Poppin' Rattlin' Google Eye Lily Stalker is a classic hollow body frog bait with major upgrades. It features a slim, natural profile and a keeled belly that enables deadly walking presentations and helps the bait slide over vegetation with ease. The head has a deep cupped face that creates a splashing ruckus on the surface, and it's fitted with large glass eyes that add visual appeal and emit a loud rattle to call fish from a distance. You'll get great performance in the slop and a solid hookset every time—buy the Poppin' Rattlin' Google Eye Lily Stalker!

• A raucous frog bait that's great in open water and thick surface vegetation
• Completely weedless, with recessed hook pockets molded in
• Glass rattle eyes add a loud clicking noise with every twitch
• Natural color patterns add remarkable realism

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