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Bantam Crankbait


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Karl's Amazing Baits Bantam Crankbait

It's not just the proven fish-catching designs or gentle massages he gives them before they're packaged. Karl's baits are amazing because he works with the factories to eliminate middlemen and bring you unbeatable prices.

Karl's Bantam is a sinking minnow style hardbait that will help you target almost any depth. Cast out the Bantam and let it fall on a slackline. Karl's Bantam is sinking bait that falls at about one foot per second. You can easily target specific depths by casting out, counting down, and then simply beginning your retrieve. If you want to fish the Bantam in 5 feet, cast it out and wait 5 seconds and then start reeling in. Karl’s little Bantam will maintain it’s intended depth as it comes back to the boat.

  • Proven Designs
  • Tournament Grade Components
  • Factory Direct
  • Diving Depth: 2'-8'

Product Specs

Diving Depth: 2'-8'
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