Perfect Neko Rig Bundle

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Perfect Neko Rig Bundle

BioSpawn ExoStick - MSRP: $5.69

Engineered to help you get vicious strikes and takes, the BioSpawn ExoStick soft bait is loaded with action and movement. The unique jointed body contributes to the movement, helped out by BioSpawn’s proprietary BioScent. This soft bait will move no matter what rig you prefer, and it goes fish catching crazy when used with neko, drop shot rigs and wacky rigs.

Mustad Wacky Neko Rings - MSRP: $4.99

Mustad Wacky Neko Rings are a smart upgrade for your neko and wacky rig fishing. Get a balanced fall and strike-inducing motion. Plus, you don't have to stab your stick worm, which saves your soft plastics. Instead of slipping your hook under the ring, which results in poor hook alignment, there's an innovative hook attachment point. The hook stays vertical, with the gap oriented up—it's the ultimate finesse fishing setup. Improve your neko and wacky worming game.

Mustad Neko Kit - MSRP - $21.99

Everything you need to tie the Neko rig. Forty TitanX Neko hooks featuring Mustad's advanced hook point technology, a 2X long shank with a sproat bend, ringed eye, and tough, TitanX finish. Plus, fifteen Tungsten TitanX weights. 

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