Perfect Texas Rig Bundle

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Perfect Texas Rig Bundle

This is the one stop shop for your perfect Texas Rig. Karl did the work for you with this sweet setup.

BioSpawn VileCraw - $5.69

The VileCraw from BioSpawn is a futuristic craw with incredible action and will surely catch the attention of bass lurking below! This bait is incredibly versatile and can be used from jig trailers to texas rigs and even as topwater bait and it features a patented claw design and paddle-tail antennae that creates tremendous action with even the slightest movement to attract big bass!

Stickies EWG Hooks - $4.99

Any bass angler can appreciate a good EWG hook. EWG stands for Extra Wide Gap which is a reference to the amount of space between the hooks shank and the hook point. The added ‘gap’ space allows for larger soft plastic baits to be rigged without getting in the way during hookset. The Stickies EWG comes with a well-balanced gauge, sticky sharp hook point, and well-placed line tie. Together, these features provide you, the angler with everything needed in a good EWG hook.

Karl's Stash Bullet Weights - $3.49

Designed by Karl VonDibble himself, this bullet sinker is perfect to get the right action and movement from your soft plastic. Available in a variety of sizes, this sinker is bound to play a vital role in landing some serious fish. Any Texas rig angler needs a hefty supply of bullet weights, and Karl's Stash are the perfect choice to load up your terminal box!

Karl's Stash PEGZ - $1.50

The Karl's Stash PEGZ are essential for all bass fisherman. These bobber stops simplify the hassle of pegging your sinkers by allowing you to easily slide these pegz above your weight to keep it in place. Whether you are using a Texas rig, Carolina rig, or any rig that requires a pegged sinker, the PEGZ are what you need.


  • Reel: Baitcasting 7.1:1-8.1:1
  • Rod: 6'6''-7'6'' Medium Heavy - Heavy Power, Fast Action
  • Line: 12-20lb Fluorocarbon or 30-50lb Braided