Perfect Wacky Rig Bundle

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Perfect Wacky Rig Bundle

Karl's Amazing Baits Tickler - MSRP: $4.99

The Karl's Amazing Baits Tickler is a money little senko style bait you can rig just about any way you’d like. One of our favorite ways to fish these baits is wacky. The tantalizing fall will attract fish of all species. One of the most versatile baits on the market, these are also deadly on a drop shot OR when rigged on a Texas rig to throw weedless. Ticklers are also a great nominee for adding a “power spinner,” or adding a blade to the tail. This tactic increases visibility and flair, leading to more strikes!

Mustad Wacky Neko Tool With O-Rings - MSRP: $7.99

The Mustad Wacky Neko Tool enables you to add an o-ring to your neko or wacky rig with ease. An o-ring will make your baits last longer and rigging with one ensures that your bait will be able to move freely to create a lifelike action. Plus, when you rig with an o-ring, there's no soft plastic filling the hook gap, so you'll get a solid hookset on every strike. The Mustad Wacky Neko Tool comes with a set of high-quality o-rings and the tool helps anglers achieve perfect hook placement. This clever tackle box tool will have you rigging up faster so you can catch more fish. Pick up Mustad's Wacky Neko Tool With O-Rings today! Includes 10 O-Rings

VMC Wacky Hooks - MSRP: $2.99

The VMC Wacky Hooks have extra round hook shape that allows for virtually any wacky worm to be rigged perfectly. It also allows for greater freedom of movement to allow that perfect motion that attract the bigguns. The wider radius will also maximize hookups and makes rigging a breeze. Designed with the help of Michael “Ike” Iaconelli, these Ike approved hooks will surely become a staple for your wacky presentations for years.

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