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Chihuahua Crankbait


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Karl's Amazing Baits Chihuahua Crankbait

The Chihuahua micro-crankbait from Karl's Amazing Baits may be small, but that dog will hunt! It creates a realistic profile and movement that fools panfish every time. This bait's contoured bill takes it down to about 4'—that's the ideal depth for attracting panfish and trout that are lurking in shallow water to ambush unsuspecting prey. The Chihuahua crankbait is the ultimate scaled-down bait for triggering strikes around shallow cover. It's got size, shape, and wiggling action that predators can't ignore. Super-sharp treble hooks ensure that whatever hits this bait is as good as caught. When a tiny crankbait is your best bet for boating a ton of panfish, have a Karl's Amazing Baits' Chihuahua mini crankbait on hand!

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Product Specs

Length: 1.75"
Diving Depth: 4'
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