Hoss Craw 3.8"


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Karl's Amazing Baits Hoss Craw 3.8"

The Hoss Craw is a juicy crawfish imitator designed for you to go chase big fish. Throw it behind a jig, Carolina rig it, or Texas rig it on a flippin’ hook for best results. The streamlined center of the body creates opportunity for you to fit it into tight spots big bass are hiding. The oversized pinchers float upright to imitate a surrendering craw, a trigger for predators to take a bite. Another great rigging option would be the punch rig, with a natural action and stiff center body ideal for punching the thick stuff. If you want to drag the Hoss Craw along the bottom instead of flip or pitch, you can also put it on a shakey head or swing head jig!


  • Reel: Baitcasting 7.1:1-8.1:1
  • Rod: 7'-7'6" Medium - Heavy Power, Fast Action
  • Line: 10-20lb Fluorocarbon or 30-50lb Braided

Product Specs

Size: 3.8"
Count: 7 pack
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