Thwacker Lipless Crankbait


Product Details

Karl's Amazing Baits Thwacker Lipless Crankbait

Karl’s Amazing Baits Thwacker is a fish catching savage. Eye-catching color patterns, a thwacking rattle, and Karl’s stamp of approval means it should be in your tackle box ASAP. Lipless crankbaits are known for being noisy, versatile, and having a tight wobbling action. The Thwacker is no different, running true and tight straight out of the package. Tick it through vegetation or near cover and bass will be smackin’ The Thwacker in no time.

Pro Tips: Lipless baits like the Thwacker are great baits for spring and fall when fish can be found shallow. The beauty of the Thwacker is that it excels for active and lethargic bass. Use low stretch fluorocarbon, (or even braid), to effectively rip this bait through grass to activate passive fish. Focus on keeping the bait right above the grass while executing a quick rip when it comes into contact with it. The Fire Craw and Red Craw colors excel in the Spring, and the OG Sexy and Chartreuse Gill are great options for the Fall! Also, don’t overlook the Thwacker as a solid pond-hopping summer bait – its angled nose makes it easier to fish in shallow depths. Vary your speed to fish in different depth ranges.

Product Specs

Length: 2.75’’
Weight: ½ oz
Diving Depth: Sinking
Hook Size: #4