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Beginner Series

The Karl's Bait & Tackle Beginner Series is perfect for new anglers or those trying to dial in on specific techniques. Each bundle contains technique-specific products and instructions from rigging and retrieval to optimal fishing times and conditions.

Crankbaits - Crankbaits are something that every bass angler should master, and this bundle will help you do that. You'll get the lures and know-how to target fish wherever they are, whether shallow, mid-depth, or super deep. This bundle contains lures of the highest quality, from trusted brands, in proven color patterns. Plus, you get a handy guide to crankbait fishing that provides useful info about how to get the most out of these highly productive baits. In no time, you’ll be triggering vicious ambush strikes in shallow water, fishing structure more effectively, and probing the depths with precision and confidence. To fast-track your mastery of crankbaits, grab this value-packed bundle of premium lures and must-have fishing intel!

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Soft Plastics - Mastering the use of soft plastic should be a high priority for beginner bass anglers, and this bundle will start you off on the right foot. Soft plastics are a broad, crowded bait category, so trying to build a good core collection can be costly and challenging. This bundle contains a carefully chosen array of soft plastic baits from top manufacturers, with sizes, shapes, and styles proven to work. Plus, you get a handy guide that explains everything you need to know about fishing soft plastics. Armed with rigging and presentation skills, you'll be able to trigger strikes in any situation. Pick up this value-packed combo of baits and vital fishing intel—you'll be a soft plastics pro in no time!

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Topwater - Many anglers would say that triggering an explosive surface strike is the most exhilarating way to catch a fish. This bundle includes time-tested surface baits only—we’ve picked styles, sizes, and color patterns that have been catching fish on top for years. You also get a handy guide to topwater fishing that provides vital info about where and how to fish surface baits. Sometimes fish will want to see your bait gliding on the surface or popping in a loud, splashy display; they might prefer a chugging motion or a pause-and-twitch approach. This bundle has the lures and information to cover those scenarios and more. Jumpstart your mastery of topwater fishing—get this value-packed box today!

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