FAT Swing Impact


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Keitech FAT Swing Impact

Keitech’s Swing Impact has been the gold standard in swimbait fishing for years, and now the FAT Swing Impact has upped the game. Traditionally fished on a swimbait hook or jig head, but those aren't your only options! Fish it behind a jig, trail it on a spinnerbait, Texas rig it, Carolina rig it, and oh no I’m sweating I’m so excited. You can even throw a few on an Alabama rig to imitate a full school better than anyone else on the lake. The beefy tail on the rear of this bait gives off a “swinging” motion, more tantalizing than the typical kick of a swimbait. The proof is in the pudding with Keitech baits. Just tie it on and see for yourself.

Product Specs

Pack Size: 6 pack
Size: 3.8"
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