Floating Crawler/Leech Walleye Rig


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Lindy Floating Crawler/Leech Walleye Rig

Lindy's Floating Crawler/Leech Walleye Rig, based on the ever-popular Original Lindy Rig, is equipped with a float to keep your bait off the bottom or suspended over vegetation. This highly effective live bait delivery system lets you target the strike zone to entice walleye and other predators. The rig features 36" of premium mono, a needle-sharp snelled hook, Lindy's famous walking slip-sinker, and an adjustable hi-viz float. This is a time-tested live bait setup for targeting walleye and other gamefish species—get the Lindy Floating Crawler/Leech Walleye Rig today!

• A productive live bait rig for targeting suspended walleye
• Lindy's ingenious walking sinker adds bottom-hugging action
• Adjustable high-vis float and bead keep your bait in the strike zone
• Swivel clip eliminates line twists and adds mobility