Original Lindy Rig - Minnow Rig


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Lindy Original Lindy Rig - Minnow Rig

This Minnow Rig version of the beloved Original Lindy Rig is a perfectly balanced live bait system. What makes it so effective is the special Lindy walking sinker, with a one-of-a-kind shape that lets you walk your bait over rocks and through vegetation with no snags. It also features 36" of premium mono and a needle-sharp snelled hook that's the perfect size for nose- or tail-hooking a minnow. You get two fish-catching rigs—choose from a range of sizes and add this do-everything bait rig to your tackle collection.

• The best live bait setup for bass, walleye, pike, panfish, and more
• The time-tested design of Lindy's innovative walking sinker
• Dangerously sharp circle hooks, perfect for rigging minnows and other live bait
• Swivel clip eliminates line twists and adds mobility

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