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Line Cutterz Ring - Black

The Line Cutterz Ring has razor-sharp, two-sided stainless-steel blades that cut any line. It's perfect for anglers who retie often, fishermen who prep rigs before a trip, or anyone who appreciates a convenient, always-there line cutter. The ring is adjustable, with a Velcro strap that lets you secure it on a finger, rod handle, or anywhere. Planning on getting hitched? If your gal loves fishing, this could be the perfect engagement ring! You're bound to love the Line Cutterz Ring—pick one up today!

• A safe, durable line cutting tool that's great for on-the-go rigging
• Two-sided stainless-steel blades cut from either side
• Efficiently cuts monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided line
• No accidental cuts—blades only slice what goes in the slot