Product Details

Little Stinker Fish-A-Noodle

The Little Stinker Fish-a-Noodle is a pop-up strike indicator that will help you land more fish. Catfish anglers typically have multiple lines out and monitoring them all can be tricky. The Fish-A-Noodle will get your attention when a fish strikes. With your baited line attached, just sit back and watch—the Noodle floats on its side until the moment of attack, then it pops straight up, alerting you to take care of business. Add this specialized float to your tackle collection now!

• Floats horizontally to create the perfect static or slow drift presentation
• Pops up to a vertical position the moment a fish takes your bait
• Ideal for the popular sit-and-wait approach to catfishing
• A fool-proof way to monitor your catfish lines and catch every fish that strikes