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Little Stinker Sponge Bait Hook Rig

Little Stinker Sponge Bait Hook Rigs are a catfish angler's dream. These highly effective dip bait rigs feature strong treble hooks with an optimal gap and shank length to secure any catfish that strikes. Attached to each hook is a porous sponge that holds onto your dip bait and slowly releases it. The scent will permeate the water and attract every fish in the area. Whether you're a trophy hunter or looking to fill your cooler, Little Stinker Sponge Bait Hook Rigs deserve a spot in your tackle box!

• Soaks up and slowly releases dip bait to help catfish locate the source and strike
• Super sharp treble hooks ensure you'll land your fish every time
• Durable sponges stand up to aggressive fish, trip after trip
• Three rigs per pack; two sizes available

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