Teardrop Lure

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About This

Little Stinker Teardrop Lure

The Little Stinker Teardrop Lure is the perfect catfish bait holder if you're hunting for giant fish. Large catfish hunt using their sense of smell, zeroing in on the source of an odor until they find it and eat it. The Little Stinker Teardrop Lure enables you to load it with a large amount of bait, and it releases the bait slowly so that a strong scent trail is created for predators to follow.

The Teardrop Lure is equipped with a brass swivel, and a robust and sharp treble hook ensures solid hookups. You can choose from two color combos—black and red, which features red hooks, or chartreuse and orange. The aerodynamic shape of this lure and its weight-forward profile allow you to cast it with ease. When you want to target big cats, use the Little Stinker Teardrop Lure to give them a scent trail, and they'll be in your net in no time!

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