B Viper Swimbait


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Livingston Lures B Viper Swimbait

Livingston Lures Viper Swimbait features a lifelike profile and ultra-realistic swimming action, plus, predators can hear this bait from a distance, thanks to Livingston Lures' innovative EBS Smart Chip. It emits a distinct, natural baitfish sound that predators can't ignore. Choose from a range of popular colors, each with a flashy scale pattern and 3D eyes. Add the Livingston Lures Viper Swimbait to your tackle box!

• Natural swimming action with a smooth, gliding movement that triggers strikes
• Baitfish profile, realist scales, fins, and 3D eyes
• EBS Technology attracts fish from a distance
• Needle-sharp treble hooks penetrate and won’t let go