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Diablo - Assorted Colors & Sizes


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Livingston Lures Diablo - Assorted Colors & Sizes

Livingston Lures' Diablo crankbait is a state-of-the-art lure that attracts fish three ways: with movement, with sounds, and with realistic, nature-inspired finishes. First the movement—you've seen baits with a wide wobble before, but the Diablo will surprise you. Its side-to-side action, at up to 10' deep, is very pronounced, creating the appearance of panicking prey that can't decide which direction to run. The manufacturer's exclusive water-activated EBS technology emits the sounds of natural forage. Realistic color patterns help you match the hatch with precision. This serious crankbait comes equipped with premium Mustad 2X treble hooks, so you'll win the fight every time. Add the Diablo Crankbait to your crankbait collection!

Product Specs

Length: 2"
Weight: 4/10 oz
Color: Assorted