Flatside Lipless Crankbait


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Livingston Lures Flatside Lipless Crankbait

The Livingston Lures Flatside lipless crankbait has an extra-wide profile to attract larger fish. When you burn this bait near a grass line, its tight, wiggling vibration gets the attention of every predator in the area. You can also fish this bait vertically, yo-yoing it over a drop-off, hump, or point to trigger strikes from suspended fish. Eye-popping color patterns combine with 3D eyes and gill plates plus a textured scale pattern to create an incredibly realistic look. Livingston's EBS (Electronic Baitfish Sound) technology emits a distinctive, natural baitfish sound that calls fish in from a distance. Super-sharp treble hooks secure your fish until the fight is over. Add the state-of-the-art Flatside lipless crankbait to your tackle box.

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