Howeller DMC Crankbait


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Livingston Lures Howeller DMC Crankbait

The Howeller Dream Master Classic from Livingston Lures was Randy Howell's secret weapon when he won the 2014 Bassmaster Classic title. This premium crankbait features stunning visual appeal, a lifelike swimming action, and something most crankbaits don't have, an electronic internal acoustic system that imitates the sounds of a distressed baitfish. The Howeller DMC measures 2 1/2", with a compact profile—that makes it perfect for medium-depth presentations from 8'-10'. When worked in and around cover, this bait's lifelike wobble and flash produce vicious strikes, and needle-sharp treble hooks ensure that any fish that gets hooked will stay hooked. If you want a tournament-winning, state-of-the-art crankbait, add the Howeller DMC from Livingston Lures to your tackle box!

Product Specs

Diving Depth: 8'-10'