Livingston Lures Shredder - Assorted Colors


Product Details

Livingston Lures Shredder - Assorted Colors

Livingston Lures' Shredder is a crankbait that dominates in the medium depth range of 6' to 7'. Mid-depth is the domain of cruisers and fish in seasonal transition, plus fish that have keyed in on a mid-depth food source. The Shredder has a compact profile and an aggressive wobble that gets the attention of nearby predators, with eye-popping, nature-inspired finishes that seal the deal when fish move in for the kill. This bait is equipped with sharp, strong trebles that ensure solid hook-ups. With Livingston's proprietary EBS technology, the Shredder puts out a fish-attracting, natural baitfish sound. Add this top-quality crankbait to the row of your tackle box dedicated probing medium depths.

Product Specs

Model: 53
Length: 2"
Weight: 4/10 oz
Color: Assorted