Skirted Swim Jig


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Lunkerhunt Skirted Swim Jig

The Lunkerhunt Skirted Swim Jig has a compact profile that perfectly mimics the forage fish that freshwater predators dine on. These 3/8 oz jigs feature a brightly finished head with realistic fish details and color-matched, wire tied silicone skirts. A stiff, nylon bristle weed guard creates the right resistance to avoid hang-ups but allows you to set the premium 4/0, 60-degree hook with ease. The Lunkerhunt Skirted Swim Jig has a time-tested shape, with a tapered nose to penetrate the thickest cover. You can drop this sleek jig in small pockets found in dense vegetation to trigger vicious strikes from ambushing predators. Every tackle box should have a few high-quality swim jigs—add the Lunkerhunt Skirted Swim Jig to yours!