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Mission x Mossy Oak Performance Hat

The Mossy Oak Performance Hat from Mission is high-performance headwear that keeps you cool, defeats glare, and protects you from the sun. This cap's long brim is the perfect eye shade, giving you a glare-free view of the water, trees, mountains, or whatever's in front of you. It's made of lightweight, durable fabric with UPF 50 protection and Mission's innovative cooling technology. When activated with water, the fabric cools to 30 degrees below average body temperature in less than 30 seconds! Get the cooling, sun-shielding, glare-defeating Mossy Oak Performance Hat today!

• The ultimate lightweight cap for use in bright sunshine
• Cooling tech that can refresh and rejuvenate on a hot day
• Defeats bright glare that can inhibit outdoor pleasure and safety
• Adjust to fit using sturdy hook and loop tabs