Kento Jig


Product Details

Molix Kento Jig

The Kento Jig is a do-everything jig, thanks to its uniquely shaped head that penetrates cover easily and presents an attractive swimming profile. In designing this jig, Molix paid careful attention to every detail. The weed guard is customized based on jig weight, with the guard on lighter baits containing fewer fibers. That's how Molix fine-tuned this bait's weedless characteristics. The Kento Jig's manicured silicone skirt flows with a natural movement on the fall, and when the jig is at rest, the skirt pulsates to create a lifelike appearance. An integrated bait keeper ensures that your soft plastic trailer stays put on the hook shank. Find out why jig fishermen everywhere are turning to Molix—pick up a Kento Jig today.