Lover Buzz SS Junior Buzzbait


Product Details

Molix Lover Buzz SS Junior Buzzbait

The Molix Lover Buzz SS Junior is a scaled-down buzzbait that presents a more subtle target than a full-sized buzzer, and sometimes that's what finicky lunkers want to see. Created in collaboration with professional angler Mike Iaconelli, this premium lure has everything you want in a buzzbait—a loud, churning blade, an attractive head, a flowing skirt, and a needle-sharp hook. Make room in your tackle box for this awesome buzzbait!

  • Innovative rivet design creates an ear-piercing squeak at any speed

  • Contoured head with lifelike 3D eyes and baitfish finish

  • Custom trailer keeper holds any soft plastic securely

  • Super sharp up-turned hook for solid penetration