Lover Skirted Vibration Jig


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Molix Lover Skirted Vibration Jig

Top pro Mike Iaconelli worked with Molix to create a whole new style of bait called a vibration jig. The Lover Skirted Vibration jig features a precision-molded ABS body and Molix's unique reverse shovel lip. They work together to create a vibration and natural swimming action that fish can't ignore. You can work this bait through heavy cover with ease. An amazingly effective search bait, the Lover Skirted Vibration Jig is ideal for covering water around vegetation, standing timber, rip rap, boat docks, and anywhere else predatory fish roam and ambush prey. The performance hook is installed with a bait keeper that will hold any soft plastic trailer firmly in place. You'll love the Lover Skirted Vibration Jig from Molix. Grab one the next time you head out on the water.