Rattlin' Pop Frog


Product Details

Molix Rattlin' Pop Frog

Molix Rattlin' Pop Frog is a hollow-bodied frog with features that make it stand out from the pack. It has a popping mouth that spits water and creates a fish-attracting ruckus, plus a loud internal rattle. There's a remarkably realistic finish, complete with lifelike frog skin texture. With its weedless design, this top-water wonder can glide through the thickest cover to entice ambushing lunkers that lurk below. Add this frog to your tackle box! 

  • Perfect frog action in any vegetation, or in open water

  • Loud, splashing popping commotion draws strikes

  • Realistic, textured skin and lifelike color patterns

  • Custom double hook sinks in the moment a fish strikes