Sneaky Frog


Product Details

Molix Sneaky Frog

The Molix Sneaky Frog offers just enough differentiating qualities to make it your new favorite bait around mats or above vegetation. Anywhere you’d throw your typical frog, throw this one instead! The single silicon skirted tail helps align the trail and add to the waking action. The sleek, narrow design also gives you the option to fish it through tighter quarters and get right into the junk, where bass are hiding. The sneaky frog also features a belly weight, which helps keep the bait centered as you pop it along the surface, not having to worry about any side to side flipping action.


  • Reel: Baitcasting 7.1:1-8.5:1
  • Rod: 7'-7'6'' Heavy Power, Fast - Extra Fast Action
  • Line: 30-50lb Braided

Product Specs

Length: 3-1/2"
Weight: 3/4oz
Class: Topwater
Pack Size: 1 pack