Mondo Kit Dangler


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Googan Squad Mondo Kit Dangler

Googan Squad Mondo Kit Dangler

The Googan Squad is all about catching sweet juicy mondos. So, they've teamed up Catch Co. to create a bass fishing kit that will help all anglers catch a mondo. Versatile fish magnets. Available in any condition. This kit includes four high-quality Googan crafted products. Perfect to stock your tackle box with the same saucy baits the Googan Squad ties on!

This Kit Includes:

Googan Squad Mini Banger - A deadly downsized squarebill crankbait that packs a big punch.

Googan Lil Juicee Jig - A finesse jig with a hand tied skirt that fish can't resist. 

Googan Squad Zinger -  A double-bladed spinnerbait designed to mimic baitfish. 

Heavy Hammer Hooks - Black nickel hooks with a sturdy, durable design.