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Mondo Optics Gill Goggles


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Googan Squad Mondo Optics Gill Goggles

The Googan Squad Mondo Optics Gill Goggles are everything an angler needs, combined into one eye-catching pair of shades. Built with POLARIZED lenses and fishing forward design, the Gill Goggles help you spot boulders, grass lines, cruising fish, and much more.

Mondo Optics Gill Goggles feature 100% UVA UVB protected, anti-glare lenses to protect your eyes, and help you see more easily beneath the water's surface. And, let everyone know you're rocking with the coolest dudes in fishing - The Googan Squad.

Product Specs

Lens: Polarized, 100% UVA UVB Protected, Anti-glare protected
Included: Googan Squad Microfiber soft case that also serves as a cleaning towel