Monofilament Fishing Line


Product Details

Mr. Crappie Monofilament Fishing Line

Mr. Crappie Monofilament Fishing Line Is created with crappie anglers in mind. It's ideal for spooling the smaller reels used to catch panfish and has ultra-low memory for superior line control. The abrasion-resistant formula is amazingly tough, which means you can present bait in dense cover with confidence. Select from Clear, Hi-Vis, and Camo in a range of popular sizes. For strong, limber, and durable mono that's made for crappie fishing, spool up with Mr. Crappie Monofilament Fishing Line!

• A premium crappie line that's designed for use on small reels
• Low memory improves casting and line control
• Amazingly abrasion-resistant; enables presentations in wood cover
• Clear, Hi-Vis, or Camo—options to cover any conditions

Product Specs

Length: 500 yards