Dressed Treble Hook


Product Details

Mustad Dressed Treble Hook

The Mustad Dressed Treble Hook is the best way to upgrade your hard topwater baits and inline spinners. You can improve some baits right out of the box or replace old, damaged trebles on your trusted favorites. These hooks feature a classic round-bend design that provides great hooksets, and the hand-tied hackle feathers and strands of flash fibers add a lively look. Strong sharp trebles from a brand you can trust—select your size and color and bring your favorite plugs and spinners to peak performance, with Mustad Dressed Treble Hooks.

• Perfect trailing treble for all your topwater baits and inline spinners
• 4X strong, forged wire construction for amazing strength
• Ideal shape, gap, and shank length for solid hookups
• Blood red finish adds visual appeal