TitanX Tungsten Round Drop Shot Weight


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Mustad TitanX Tungsten Round Drop Shot Weight

Mustad TitanX Tungsten Round Drop Shot Weights will help you optimize your approach to finesses fishing. They feature a classic round shape that's ideal for drop shotting near rocky structure, plus, there's Mustad's tough TitanX finish, a quick-change line clip, and printed weight numbers. Made from 97% tungsten, a metal that's much denser and harder than lead, these weights amplify what you feel when your bait contacts underwater objects, giving you the sensitivity needed for perfect finesse presentations. Select from a range of sizes and get a pack of these premium round drop shot weights today!

• Specialized weights designed for drop shotting
• Made of dense, corrosion-resistant tungsten
• Durable, chip-proof TitanX finish
• Printed weight makes for easy selection on the water

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