Kicker Series Colorado Willow Spinnerbait


Product Details

Nichols Lures Kicker Series Colorado Willow Spinnerbait

The Kicker Series Colorado Willow Spinnerbait from Nichols Lures is a marvel in heavily stained water. The shiny, slender willow blade puts out fish calling vibration while a bright orange or chartreuse Colorado kicker blade adds a high-viz flash of color. This bait features hot skirt colors that show up in the murkiest of strike zones. You get premium wire construction, realistic 3D eyes, and a strong, needle-sharp hook that sinks in a won’t let go. Slow roll it, ease it through cover, or run it down a weed line to entice ambushing predators—you and the fish will love this highly visible spinnerbait!

• A premium spinnerbait that excels in water with poor visibility
• 24K willow blade vibrates and flashes to call distant fish
• Eye-popping kicker blade is easy for fish to see in stained water
• Needle-sharp, wide gap hook ensures solid penetration and holding power