Glo-Shot Spoon


Product Details

Northland Tackle Glo-Shot Spoon

The Spoon is as versatile of a lure as you'll ever find, and this one from Northland is no exception. Just drop the spoon down, give it a steady retrieve, and let the body do the rest. The Northland Tackle Glo-Shot Spoon is one of the most tried and true fish catchers you'll ever come across, so tie it on and hold on tight!


  • Ice Fishing Rod: 24" - 34" Open Water
  • Reel: Spinning Size 1000-2000
  • Rod: 5'6"-6'6" Light or Ultra Light Power, Fast Action
  • Line:  4-8lb Fluorocarbon or Monofilament

Product Specs

Length: 1-1/2"
Weight: 1/4oz
Pack Size: 1 pack