High-Ball Floater


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Northland Tackle High-Ball Floater

The Northland Tackle High-Ball Floater gives you an effective way to catch walleye and other gamefish that are suspended and sluggish. It features a contoured head and an upturned hook that helps minimize hang-ups while enhancing your hooksets. Rig up with a bottom-hugging weight and dial in how high the jig floats. When you're targeting suspended fish, they'll prefer an off-the-bottom presentation, and the Northland Tackle High-Ball Floater is the right jig for the job. Add a pack to your tackle box!

• A great way to catch suspended fish
• Present minnows, nightcrawlers, and other live bait
• Adds a pop of color to attract attention even in stained water
• Needle-sharp hook ensures solid penetration and holding power

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