Rock-Runner Bottom Bouncer


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Northland Tackle Rock-Runner Bottom Bouncer

The Rock-Runner Bottom Bouncer from Northland Tackle is an incredibly effective trolling sinker that puts your bait or lure in the strike zone, with its long flexible wire adding a wild motion. You can drift or troll live bait rigs of all kinds, spinner rigs, deep-running minnow baits, soft plastics—whatever you attach to the Rock-Runner Bottom Bouncer will hang just off the bottom to entice strikes from hungry fish. Your offering will slide over wood, rocks, vegetation, and other cover with ease. Add this deep-water wonder to your tackle collection!

• Troll or drift live or cut bait, spoons, spinners, hard or soft jerk baits, etc.
• 10” wire holds your bait off the bottom, minimizes snags
• Weighed and balanced to hug the bottom and dance over underwater objects
• Stainless steel construction for lightweight strength and corrosion resistance

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