Tungsten Gill-Getter


Product Details

Northland Tackle Tungsten Gill-Getter

The Northland Tackle Tungsten Gill-Getter is a uniquely shaped jig that's perfect for targeting fish vertically. Dense tungsten sinks fast, and this jig's slightly flattened body gives it a spiraling flutter on the fall and a darting action that fish can't ignore. Tip the Gill-Getter with live bait or soft plastic. It will help you catch bluegill, perch, crappie, and many other species through ice or in open water. Add this premium panfish jig to your tackle box today!

• Versatile jig designed to catch a huge variety of panfish
• Tungsten is compact, with a faster sink rate than lead
• Bulging eyes add a natural appearance
• A wide selection of bright, durable, glittery coatings