UV Forage Minnow


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Northland Tackle UV Forage Minnow

After setting a tip-up or two, it's normal to drill an extra hole for jigging, and experienced ice fishermen insist on the highest quality jigs. For over 40 years, the guys at Northland Tackle of Minnesota have been producing some of the best jigs on the market. Their UV Forage Minnow Jig has a unique profile that makes it flutter like a dying baitfish on the fall, imitating the favorite forage of almost any predatory fish, including perch, bluegill, crappie, pike, walleye, and trout. This miniature jigging spoon features 3D eyes and a highly visible, UV-enhanced finish that draws attention, even in heavily stained water. You can fish this jig on its own, or, add a minnow—that won't affect this jig's action one bit. The Northland Tackle UV Forage Minnow is also a great bait for open water fishing!