All Purpose Softbait Hook


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Owner All Purpose Softbait Hook

Owner All Purpose Softbait Hooks are made to work with a huge range of bait styles, sizes, and shapes. Worms, craws, swimbaits, and practically any soft plastic bait can be rigged with the All Purpose Softbait Hook. Maybe you're putting together a travel-sized version of your tackle box to take on the road—one or two styles of hook is all you'll have room for. Or, perhaps you're overwhelmed by the range of specialty hooks available. You can't go wrong with Owner's All Purpose Softbait Hook. These needle-sharp hooks are designed with an extra-wide gap and Owner's time-tested Z-lock shoulder bend, which holds any bait securely near the hook eye. Their durable black chrome finish is corrosion resistant. If you stick with Owner, you can simplify your hook selection without giving up quality—get a pack of their All Purpose Softbait Hooks!

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