Flashy Swimmer - Willowleaf Blade


Product Details

Owner Flashy Swimmer - Willowleaf Blade

Add flash to your favorite swimbait with the Owner Flashy Swimmer. This keel weighted hook boasts a screw lock feature that allows you to pin your swimbait head tightly to the bait; this keeps your bait from slipping down the hook as you rear back for a bombing cast.

The baits trailing blade hangs back behind the rig safely connected to the hook shank with a sturdy wire. The flashing action from the trailing blade gives the fish one more thing to look at as your bait whizzes past their face. Especially useful in dirty water, the bait's flash and action help allure fish with both it's flash and vibration.

The trailing willow blade provides a tighter wobble and flash compared to the louder, and slower thumb from a Colorado bladed Flashy Swimmer.