Ghost Leader w/ Bait Hook


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Owner Ghost Leader w/ Bait Hook

The Owner Ghost Leader w/ Bait Hook is a read-to-fish rig that's built with 18" of tough fluorocarbon line and a premium barrel swivel to allow full freedom of movement in the strike zone. You can choose between two types of premium eyeless hook, each perfectly snelled for a secure connection—there's the needle-sharp, light-wire circle hook or a sharp Super Needle Point bait hook. Pick your size and hook style and add this high-performance bait fishing rig to your tackle box!

• A ready rig that's optimized for saltwater bait fishing
• Durable fluorocarbon leader material is practically invisible underwater
• Choose from two popular hook styles in a wide range of sizes
• Swivel and hooks coated with a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish

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