Shaky Ultrahead


Product Details

Owner Shaky Ultrahead

The Owner Shaky Ultrahead is the ultimate jig head for finesse fishing with small- to medium-sized soft plastics. The shaky head technique has been helping anglers catch fish for years, and this hook was born for it. Owner's unique, molded-in Twist-lock Centering Pin Spring secures the slenderest baits, with the pin in the center of the coil helping center the bait perfectly. This round bend, light wire hook is needle-sharp, has a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish, and is made for optimal bait alignment when creating a snag-free rig. The Owner Shaky Ultrahead features a rounded jig head and a 45-degree eye, giving your bait that nose-down position that resembled a foraging baitfish. You can choose from a range of sizes and pick a color to match your soft plastics. When you're using the shaky head tactic to wake up stubborn fish, be sure you have the best terminal tackle for the job—tie on the Owner Shaky Ultrahead!

Product Specs

Hook Size: 4/0