Jungle Weedless Wacky Hook


Product Details

Owner Jungle Weedless Wacky Hook

The Owner Jungle Weedless Wacky Hook lets you make perfect finesse presentations in dense cover. It features Owner’s Super Needle Point that sinks in and won't let go, a stiff weed guard, and an extra-wide gap, ensuring solid hooksets. The innovative Silky Gray finish keeps the wire smooth and slick, so it penetrates easily. The Owner Jungle Weedless Wacky Hook is available in a range of popular sizes—grab a pack today!

• Ideal for wacky rigging, Neko rigging, and other finesse techniques
• Hook shape positions your worm (or O-ring) in the exact right spot
• Stiff nylon guard for snag-protection in cover
• Silky Gray finish aids penetration and creates a subtler presentation