Mosquito Hook


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Owner Mosquito Hook

The Owner Mosquito Hook is custom made for finesse techniques, improving performance in every light-line tactic you can imagine, from drop-shot rigs to weightless wacky worms and live bait presentations. They're the perfect shape for hooking a slender plastic worm through the nose, with a gap that can accommodate the thick midsection of a Senko-style worm. In those scenarios, you'll be using lighter equipment, so a brutal hookset is out of the question. Instead, let the fish hook themselves! That's what makes the Mosquito Hook so effective—the rounded shape and needle-sharp point ensure solid, automatic hookups. A durable black chrome or red finish keeps these fine-wire hooks smooth for easy penetration. If you need a hook that covers all your finesse fishing needs, look no further—add a pack of Owner Mosquito Hooks to your tackle box.