Tin 2X Treble Hook


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Owner Tin 2X Treble Hook

A file, a pair of pliers, and 6 or 9 hook points to sharpen. It's not a fun chore, and at some point, it's better to just replace the worn-out trebles on your favorite topwater bait. That's where Owner Tin 2X Treble Hooks come in handy. This is the perfect replacement hooks for plugs, spoons, and crankbaits. You'll get improved hooking power thanks to the 2X-strong construction, and their corrosion-resistant vacuum-tinned finish ensures years of service. A short shank, a round bend, and sticky-sharp needle points are what you want in a treble hook, and this Tin 2X Treble Hook has them. Beef up the trebles on your best baits—upgrade to Owner Tin 2X Treble Hooks!